Menu of Services Provided by Safe School Climate Consultants


  • Basic School Climate Training  for

EducatorsMS StudentsHS Students

  • Restorative Practices Training for 

EducatorsMS StudentsHS Students

  • Restorative Conferencing Training for 


  • Advanced School Climate Training/Train-the-Trainer Model for


Professional Development

  • Overview and Connections among School Climate, Restorative Practices and Trauma Informed Practices for


  • “Bullying” and School Climate for


  • Cultural Competence, Equity, Racism, Discrimination, Bias for 


  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, Trauma for 


  • Tailored PD to District, School Contexts for any of this content

On-Site Technical Assistance

  • Consultations
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Walk-Throughs and Critical Feedback
  • Professional Development
  • Faculty/Staff Climate/Workplace Improvement 

Guiding of the Creation of a Faculty/Staff Working Agreement/Contract

  • Administrative Retreats
  • Strategic Planning

Document Creation, Review, Consultation

  • School/District Policies
  • School/District Improvement Plans
  • Walk-Through Rubrics
  • School Climate (& Workplace Environment) Surveys




  • Forms

Office Referrals

Restorative Conference Referrals

“Bullying” Allegation Forms

Student Reporting Forms


  • Climate, Restorative Leadership
  • Restorative Conferencing
  • Providing faculty, staff support


  • Bullying
  • School Climate
  • Restorative Practices
  • Equity, Cultural Competence
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, Trauma

Expert Testimony

  • Bullying
  • School Safety
  • Adult Behavior
  • Working Restoratively

Conference & Meeting Facilitation

  • Faculty Meetings
  • Administrative Council
  • Team/PLC Meetings
  • Safe School Climate Committees
  • Restorative Conferences

Conference Preparation

Conference Facilitation 

Keynote Addresses

  • School Climate
  • Restorative Practices
  • Cultural Competence & Equity
  • Bullying
  • School Safety
  • Adverse Childhood  Experiences, Toxic Stress, Trauma 

Parent & Community Presentations

  • Bullying
  • School Climate
  • Restorative Practices
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress, Trauma
  • Working and Communicating Successfully with Schools

School Boards of Education

  • Presentations on Bullying, School Safety, School Climate, Bullying, Restorative Practices, Equity and/or Trauma
  • Bullying/School Climate/Restorative District Policies
  • \Workshops on any/all of these topics