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Back-to-School Podcast!


I recently recorded a podcast on Bullying to kick off the school year.  Click here to listen!

Our Mission


To assist schools and other youth serving community organizations to create physically, emotionally and intellectually safe and respectful learning and social environments for all students and the adults who work with them.



I invite you to work with me and others in helping our students learn to work together in schools safely and respectfully while simultaneously learning important academic and life skills.  This website, which represents a summary of much of my work in trying to improve school climate and become restorative both in Connecticut and across the country, contains a variety of links and useful references for parents, community leaders, educators (teachers, administrators, and others involved in supporting school communities), and anyone else concerned with improving the lives of youth.  The information contained here is intended to provide others with helpful information, including critical research and strategies designed specifically to guide adults on a pathway to creating respectful, safe and educational school and social settings in which every individual can thrive and be successful in all aspects of life.  Thank you for being a part of this very important journey.  I so appreciate your participation.  Our children thank you too!

Sincerely yours,

Pat & Jo Ann